When Church Just Isn't Doing It for You...

This morning, Bae and I tried to watch church online.. but we just couldn't quite get into it. So, we logged on to YouTube and began listening to some Abraham Hicks. We listened to about 3 different audio messages until we decided we were spiritually full

Many of the messages were about the law of attraction, how to believe everything works out, and starting everyday with a new appreciation and zeal for life. We began to talk about the things that resonated most within our hearts. This discussion went on for quite a while and eventually led us to creating our own set of daily affirmations. 

Our first step was to make a list of I-statements like the ones below. Then, we completed each sentence together. 


Step 1: 

1.     I appreciate
2.     I love
3.     I believe  
4.     I will
5.     I can
6.     I know
7.     I am 
8.     I bring
9.     I give
10. I gain 
11. I support 
12. I seek 
13. I accept 
14. I have 

Step 2:

1.     I appreciate life and all of its blessings
2.     I love being able to redirect my thoughts
3.     I believe time is on my side    
4.     I will achieve all of my desires
5.     I can alter all of my circumstances to work out for my greater good
6.     I know that I am the creator of my own reality
7.     I am powerful
8.     I bring positive energy to all who encounter my vibrations
9.     I give attention to things that will keep me on my path to love and light
10. I gain wisdom from every experience
11. I support growth – the growth of myself and others
12. I seek peace of mind
13. I accept the balance of negative and positive occurrences as I journey 
14. I have total confidence in all of the above

Notice that even though we are a couple, we used the word I. This is because even though we are united as one, we still acknowledge the fact that we have to live each affirmation for ourselves as individuals. You cannot expect to be strong with someone else, if you are not strong on your own. 

Speaking positivity over your life is the best remedy for alleviating any doubts or turmoil that may keep you from achieving your inner most desires. So what are you waiting for?! Go on.. make your affirmations and live them to the fullest! 

Happy Sunday.
K & V


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