You Are the Common Denominator

If you feel as if everything is going wrong in your life, ask yourself: What am I doing to add to this? Are you gossiping about people instead of worrying about yourself? Are you finding solutions or are you still doing the same ol' things? Are you waiting for someone else to make a change for you? 

The point is, we are the common denominator in our lives. You have to stop and reflect on yourself, in order to find a resolution. You are the only person that is in your way.


  1. I agree. I think that many times it is our ego that gets in the way of being self-accountable. I find that when I focus my own thoughts on the things that I, and only I, can control and change then solutions become much more apparent.

    Death of the ego is the birth of light.

  2. Well said. By the way, love your site.


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