I Promise, I'm Smiling Inside

i don't know HOW i did it with all of the stress and depression that i have been letting seep into my heart over the past couple of months but i just earned an A in my final internship for my administration and supervision certification! thank you for another degree Hopkins, thank you @br00klynbetty for all the super last minute proof reads, thank you bae for P.O.P. holding it down and always reminding me of the finish line, and thank you LORD ! I am done!! Who needs a young fly principal? Im ouchea HA! (just kidding - i have no desire to leave the classroom right now ... but the fact that i can if i really wanted to is a blessing!!) even though I'm still working on coursework for UMBC, my workload is going to be wayyy lighter and i can get back to finishing my own personal writing projects! You can tell by the look in my eyes, I'm super tired! I'm about to take a serious bath and get a good night's rest!