Starbucks Sessions

December 8, 2014
8:04 PM
NP: Free Now, The Beatles

Sitting in Starbucks in Washington Mill. A man wearing a black, suede yamaka and olive green Nautica sweater sat next to me on the raw, cocoa powder colored leather bench. He pulled out a stack of blank, white 6 by 8 1/2 inch cards and a cardboard box of markers. He opened his 15 inch Dell laptop computer and began making cards that correlated with each slide of his powerpoint presentation. I'd been working on my culminating portfolio for my administration and supervision certificate for about 3 hours. I was growing tired and needed a water break. 

Before heading to the counter, I asked my neighbor, “Would you like a water?” 

“Thanks but no thanks.” He answered with a smile. “No one has ever offered me a water, at least not a stranger. What do you do?”

“Im a teacher. Are you a professor?” 

“No.. “ He chuckled and placed the cap back on his red marker. “I am a consultant. This is a sales technique I learned a couple of years back. What do you teach?” 

"Literary Arts.. Middle school, downtown." 

"Wow. That's commendable. What's the topic of your latest unit?"

"Ferguson, Garner, and Hitler."

"You had me until Hitler.. Please, explain more... I'm so curious!" 


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