That Moment When Someone Calls You Out and You Cant Say a Thing Because They're Absolutely Right

December 30th, 2014 
7:08 PM 
Now Playing: Drake, 0-100 

Show's sketching, I'm reading bell hooks, Tim is talking his sh't, and we got CJ in here writing poetry about his life. 

“Leave your story. Live everyday like your last."

“Okay CJ! Lemme’ find out you a rapper now!” Tim yelled, as if the music was louder than a bomb. 

“Nah.. I’m a poet.” CJ was calm and collective with his response. 

Tim nodded to the music, ignoring CJ's response, and then turns to me as he begins to say,

“Come on Clay! I need you to take the LEAD! How we supposed to GET RICH if YOU DONT TAKE LEAAADDD!!! You afraid… You afraid of your own potential. Stop being afraid of YOUR POWER!” 

Woah! I thought.. 

“You’re right.” I shook my head up and down, agreeing with his every word. Tim is always on point with his wise analyses of me. 

I am afraid of my potential sometimes... For someone else to see it, well... that is scarier than my actual fear.