The Ballerina in the Mirror

If I tell you I will wait for you, then I will wait for you. 
If i tell you that you may lay your head on my shoulder, then you may do so. 
If I tell you that i love you, then i will love you forever. 
Twirl little ballerina girl, twirl. 
You're heart is as flexible as a twizzler, your frame, elegant as life itself and your feet, as disciplined as a marine. 
Little ballerina girl, you look so afraid.. 
So afraid to trust. 
With a heart that has been stretched, a frame that is well past its element and feet that have been forced to go to their told direction, I would be afraid too. 

Amazing it truly is, 
how one can hide behind a mask for so long. 
Amazing it truly is, that masks can cover more than just a face. 
Twirl little ballerina girl, twirl! 
Distract me from my monarchy filled world. 
When you look at me with mist filled eyes, you tell me you aren't just a ballerina girl. 
That you're stockings and point shoes are but a mask.. 
That when things are getting out of hand, you can't watch ballerina's twirl until you are ready to come back to reality. 
She tells me, her heart is flexible because it has been tugged at.
Her frame is elegant because she was forced to grow up quickly. 
Her feet are disciplined because she never got a say in things. 
I will abide by my word, until my heart stops beating. 
If i tell you i will take care of you, then i will take care of you. 
If i tell you i will be there, then i will be there. 
If i say i love you, i will love you forever. The ashes of lust and greed lay on the soil of our minds, derived by satan himself. 
I cannot hurt you, for you are my brother. I cannot judge you, you are my sister. 
To maintain a healthy heart, i have to abide by my word, get rid of my lust and greed, and remain centered.

Come with me little ballerina girl, 
dive into chaos with me and drench your mind in the sacrifices i have made. 
When we stand in a mirror next to each other, why is it that you look like me and i am resembling you as well? 
Why do my fingers go right through you when i reach out to touch you? 
It seems as though, when i am left in agony, so are you.. 
When i asked you to remove your mask, you said no. 
You said if i saw who you really were i wouldn't listen to you anymore; because you were just like me. 

TWIRL little ballerina girl, twirl. 
I don't want to run anymore. 
I want to watch you spin. 
I want to slow down. 
I do not want you to run anymore. Please, twirl. 
You have taught me more lessons than anyone I have ever known.
Every mistake i made..
You were right there.
When i drowned in the hour glass, you were there. 
Back then, I didn't even know who you were. 
Just, some girl with a heart as flexible as twizzler, a frame as elegant as life, and disciplined foot steps.
Following me around, observing my every move, picking up my every mistake because i could never clean as i went. But not everyone is perfect. 
You see, as we grew together, the parts each of us missed, the other had. 
You are not perfect little ballerina girl, and neither am I. 
Which is why you will never be able to see what you look like in the mirror, and neither will i. 
We mirror what we have endured. 
We mirror what we are taught. 
And we mirror what we believe. 

I will mirror her for the rest of my life, and she will mirror me. 
I do not use a lot of words, which is why i am able to abide by them when i do. 
I will never say anything i do not mean. 
If i tell you that you mean something, then you mean something. 
If i tell you i am not going anywhere, then i am going to stay put. 
If i tell you that i love you, then i will love you forever. 
Twirl little ballerina girl, twirl.. 
Just spin once. 
There is no music. 
There is no one else in sight. 
Just me and you, as it will be eternally.

Aiyana T. 
Age 14