The Voice of Darren Wilson's Trigger

If I was never shot, this chaos and these riots would never have happened. Now havoc is spreading around Ferguson like the air itself. Just like that. At the speed of a racing wind, I went through him and even though I saw the whole thing, I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t yell, couldn’t move. If only, but I couldn’t. There was a bang! I pulled off like a rollercoaster. As I accelerate through the wind, I heard a noise. As I get closer and closer, I closed my eyes, not knowing what was going to happen next. After injecting him with lightning speed pain right into the spine, I heard a loud drum-like beat. At first is was fast and then it got slower and slower. I felt his body turn from warm to cold. I felt his body’s cracks, shivers, and his intense scream. Why! His spine yelled, What
 did I do to deserve this? Then click…click…click …click four more bullets followed my trail, trying to cause more damage as I exploded out and punctured him. His orgains were no match for my speed and velocity. I went through so fast that I didn't stop until I exited. I fell towards the ground and his body followed. I finally hit the ground next to a gargantuan, dead body. Watching what I was forced to do while my master hovered over me, the body, and a puddle of blood. 

Now, as I lie here, I know that gun powder is stronger than will power.

Ayo C. 
Age 13