Waiting for Bae

Sitting at an MTA bus stop in the middle of Maryland Avenue and Falls Road. Got Denitia and Sene softly singing, "She Not the Only One", as the cars zoom by. It's not even cold out here. It feels good to just sit and let the breeze tickle my cheeks. 

I'm waiting for Bae's bus to arrive. I walked to the stop instead of driving because I had to put the Beamer in the shop yesterday. Something is draining her battery. My mechanic called me earlier today, telling me that it's not the alternator or the transmission or the battery itself - it's something electrical. I was releaved to hear that. I just started to learn how to drive the darn thing and now it stops working on me! How annoying.. 

But I really like walking, especially since it's not cold out here. I prefer Maryland's winter weather over New York's any day. 

Brb.. Bae's bus just got here. We're about to spend our first Christma-Kwanza together, right here in Baltimore.