6:42 AM

I'm in tears... Literally, just broke down in tears as I look at my self in the mirror, putting on my make-up, preparing for what's ahead of me today. I'm heading from Baltimore to my hometown of Greenburgh, NY to give a lecture to about 30 girls from my high school.. The lecture will be at the "center", the place where my friends and I would hang out every weekend, the place where I was given my very first job at 14 to work with elementary school children, the place where I fought other girls on more than one occasion (I was a hot mess).. essentially, this is a place that I can call home. It wasn't easy for me back in those days but I had so many people to look up to. So many people who took the time to guide my peers and I, no matter how much drama or attitude we gave them. They never gave up on us. So many people who would come back home from places like Morgan, Spelman, Howard, and such, just to show us that we too could make it. I'm crying because I'm thankful. I am looking at my reflection and realizing that I am now one of those people. Which shows that the work of those that came before me was not in vain, and the work that I am doing with the youth will not be in vain either. Today is a reminder of how far I have come and I am PROUD yall. I'm always so hard on myself about not being exactly where I want to be but the reality is, I am exactly where I am supposed to be and I proud! Proud of the woman that Greenburgh has made me. God knows, I am a living testimony. I am honored that the Lord is allowing me to give back to the place that gave soooo much unto me.