I took this right before I went to work. It's funny because I wouldn't have even taken it if it weren't for Bae .. This morning, he sent me a pick of the clouds from his window and it made me look out mine. They were grey and dreary but by the time I walked outside to get in the car for school, they were painted.

Today was an amazing day. 

I'm grateful for the eagerness of my students. They loved the fact that I gave them an outline of this week's homework assignments. I just love that they love it. 

I'm grateful for meeting with my professor. She introduced me to some really amazing women this afternoon. And my documentary proposal was approved! 

I'm grateful for meeting my new mentor. She's soooo dope (for a lack of better terms). I'm so blessed to be guided by her. 

I'm grateful for the smile that I just had from my last text message from Bae. I love that man. This is what I prayed for!

I'm grateful for my peace of mind. I'm grateful for my morning meditation and now my evening meditation. Doesn't take much to wake up and just give thanks for all things. love it.