Martinelli's Break

Every weekend this is me: we get assigned about 6 required readings a week and 6 optional readings (but we all know that optional really means required if you want an A) I spend Thursday night until Sunday morning reading/ annotating/ reflecting/ submitting/ resubmitting and preparing to debate with my classmates about everything I've read when I get to class on Sunday and Tuesday nights. My friends never see me. I never go anywhere on the weekends unless it's community service for blossoms.. Thank God for Bae. He's always making me some tea and scratching my scalp and straightening up around here in order to help me get through some of the tougher reads. It's so much. But I'm almost done now and will have my research published very soon. These Saturday late night work nights will pay off... To be honest, I'm actually enjoying this stuff. Compiling the words of Lave and Wenger and bell hooks and Vygotsky and Postman and Baldwin and Fullen and the list goes on's so much work! But I've been gaining invaluable insights about myself as an educator. It's all helping me to formulate my critical stance on education. I'm on a five minute snow stare and Martinelli's apple juice break. When I finish this cup, it's back to Dr. Billings and her "Fight for Our Lives". Peace.