Purpose Driven Posts

I go into hibernation on social networks for three reasons: I'm either on a spiritual social-network fast, depressed and don't want to be bothered, or flustered with work on top of more work. During the past few months, I have experienced a bit of all three of those, to be honest. I've had terrible writer's block and only seem to be creatively inclined to write when I'm developing a graduate school paper. 

Strangely enough, yesterday, I  received a surprising amount of dm's and emails from many young, black, future educators after I posted an empiracle-based critical pedagogy article on Instagram. Who knew what I perceived as uninteresting to my followers would actually excite and motivate them? But you know what's crazy? Well, I kind of felt bad as I responded to each young lady. In my heart, I know it's my due diligence to be a teacher leader not just in my classroom but in the world. Call me over-ambitious if you want but what can I say? I know my purpose. Not saying I won't take a lengthy hiatus again if I need to get my personal life in order but I will definitely start sharing more of my reads. I'm glad to inspire folks to become teachers and education reformers. 

Check the statistics: Black teachers are a dying breed at a time when we are needed most! Being educated is not a trend. It's a way of life that should be glorified and magnified.