Spring in Winter

I wrote a poem during my session with the Blossoms today 

Retaught yesterday's lesson to my students who didn't grasp the concept the first time - they actually understand it now 

Having a midday brainstorming session with Carissa

Getting ready for our 6th annual coat drive with my PYNKz - 2 words: can't wait!

Read a spokey story to my students that had them on the edge of their seats 

I feel beautiful today - in my stone washed Levi's and Bass boots 

My boyfriend is proving to be my best friend each and every day ... I keep testing him (not on purpose) and he keeps showing me that I am stronger than I think 

I'm grateful for being able to smile and laugh from my soul right now 

I am grateful for reading part 4 of Gillen's book on educational insurgency .. It's helped me to self reflect on my habits as a teacher in ways that I have never done before 

It feels like a spring day today ❤️


  1. Thanks for the reminder. Now i'm always on my toes. Forever teaching woman. Love you


  2. This made me smile. Love you.


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