The Whisper of the Cocoa-Faced Angel

This pain is so heavy 
Finding comfort in fantasizing 
Dreams of death
Soaring from the George Washington Bridge 
Significant landmark of our first kiss 
Beautifully drowning 
Submerged sorrow
Cleansing my spirit 

I rise with the morning dew
Blue dreams of bliss 
No longer haunted by demons in nightmares 
Unfettered from the torment of 
My ruptured heart
Every single memory of my life on Earth is erased as 
The Spirit welcomes me 
with open arms into the 
Gates of my Heaven
An endless garden 
Flowers flowers flowers flowers flowers 
Wild plum tulips 
Terra cotta roses 
Statuesque Sunflowers
Light foliage green grass
Vivid colors
Run lay read pray 
Laughter from the soul 
Pianos in the morning 
Pianos in the night 
Billie and Etta and Ella and Duke
Sound track of warm rainy days 
Proudly watching over my children

A swing set to fly high 
Fresh water lakes for bathing 
Every birds' song will have a unique name 

The Sun will be my best friend
I'll tell Him all of my secrets 
God will be everything 
And everything will be Love

Blue dreams of bliss 
No longer haunted by demons in nightmares 
I was resting in the daisy field
When a cocoa faced angel touched my heart 
She whispered a message into my ear
Looked into her hazel gray eyes
Already knew 
It was time
 To go back 
The work that I was created for 
had not yet come to fruition 

"You are healed" 
she whispered with the wind
"You're heart has been washed of all dole and rue
When you return
You shall lament no more" 

I opened my eyes 
Grateful for my dream 
Looked up to the clouds
To acknowledge the Source 
of my newfound strength 

Looked at my heart 
Could still see the 
reminiscence of pain 
but it began to beat with ease
In its rhythm was 
A new tune of
Clarity Direction Purpose 


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