Let's put a spin on Black History Month by calling it Black Book-Story Month! I wanted to share my love for literature by sharing one book, each day this month, that has had an impact on Black culture in America. 

Basically, you choose a book that resonated with you - one that you truly believe that every person should read, no matter what race or ethnicity, and write a reflection on it. I will feature your writing on Valencia's Garden!

There's no deadline - you have all month. You also have total autonomy over the book you choose, as long as it relates to Black culture in some sort of way. 

The only rule about your reflection is that it must make the readers think critically! Be as honest and reflective as you can! Go deep! On Feb. 28th, we'll all come together for a "Meeting of the Minds" soirĂ©e - tea, wine, debatable talk, and laughter - at my house! I hope you'll join me in this endeavor to expand our minds and celebrate our culture! 

We all know that a good book can change a life! So many titles have helped me to gain a stronger sense of who I am as a black woman, an educator, a mentor, and a leader. I know the same has happened to you! 

So read up, write, and reflect as much as you can! See you on February 28th!


ps: that night is a full moon! we're bound to have a spiritual time!

Email me at Valencia.D.Clay@gmail.com with your reflection!