Protective Styles

Feb. 14th, 2014 
1:10 PM 

Fall in love ....fall so hard you'll need oxygen ...don't worry about your heart just let it all in.. Deep. Go deeper baby.. as deep as you can .. Don't worry about your heart trust me it's worth the ride ...worth your time.. You'll have the time of your life...  Make love always .. With everyone you know. Not in the sexual sense .. I mean in the vibe. Smile together.. Laugh at your flaws. say no when you want to.. and yell, hell no! ..just because. Conscious your own instinct --intuition is your best friend. Trust your gut ..even if you're junk-fit. The answers are within you. God planted them in the depths of your soul. Ocean deep, that's how deep his love goes for you. From Paris to Egypt and back again. I love all my sistahs.. American girl - black American urban nonfiction section. NY Times statistic. 1986 when they released crack to the thriving Blacks of Harlem. Mothers lawyers doctors teachers all became addicted to the government administered bullshit. Couldn't beat us anymore so they programmed us to beat ourselves that's why we love european weaves .. Black women cursed with the propensity to try to look white .. And we don't even know it. Thank Jah for the natural girls. Thank God for protective styles. Our roots still live on through my Queens.. My black women.


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