Deeply Rooted

NP: Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong 
Dream a Little Dream of Me 

Day 4
March 14, 5:23 AM 
I'm on my second cup of lemon-ginger tea, soaking in this steamy bath. Ella is effortlessly hitting every note. 

I woke up at 4:30 on the dot this morning, had such a great night's rest. Last night was the same. I haven't slept this comfortably in months. Being able to sleep through the night is something that one is only most grateful for after having months of insomniac nights. Weeks would go by where I was falling asleep at 2 and waking up at 3... Who can survive on 1 hour of sleep? Well, I did ...but hopefully I never have to go back to that after this trip. 

Yesterday was quite a catastrophe. But the entire thing was hilarious. We had the worst tour everrrr!! It was a mix between the foggy weather and the passive aggressively rude tour guide that ruined it and we came to find out (after getting back to the hotel and calling to complain) that we were on the wrong tour the whole time!!! But it was nothing but fun. The girls and I made a joke out every single thing that went wrong and the best part was, the other people on the tour with us were hilarious too. 

The only part that I really felt was worth our time was the aborigine show. Although, to be honest, I felt like it was a bit contrived ...they taught us some songs, dances, and the history of the digeridoo but there was nothing mentioned about the genocide and extinction of this land's native people. I want to see the real aborigines! be continued