8:40 at BWI

8:40 PM 

NP: Common - Time Traveling 

Sitting on this plane, trying to finish my post about my trip to Europe. Usually doesn't take me this long to summarize my journeys but I've really been spending more time reading than writing as of lately... Books are addicting and by the time I put them down and get ready to transfer my memoirs from my journal on to the computer, my pitiful butt falls right to sleep. When I was stuck in the darkness of my depression a couple of months ago, I wasn't able to sleep at all. So now, when I feel myself falling asleep, I dare not fight - I have to put work to the side and my mental health first. But I'm almost done typing it now and I just love this story. The further along I get in writing it, the more I learn about myself. 

I am so excited about this trip that we're taking. 

I feel so blessed. I've been time traveling for the past 3 months. I just can't stay still. 

I was talking to the woman next to me and her life is the total opposite of mine. She had 2 children and only takes one trip a year. She's a stay at home mom and she said it's the best job in the world. 

I told her I'm a teacher but when I have children, I want to stay home too.... 

To be continued ... We're taking off!