I met 2 young ladies yesterday, both 23 years old. Girl A is beginning her masters and is the co-founder of a mentoring program for young women. Girl B has been working on her associates for the last 4 years and has no idea what she really wants to do in life. Girl A went to dinner with her co-founders, while Girl B tagged along with me because I wouldn't let her eat alone. As we rode in her truck she said to me, "That girl is the same exact age as me and she has accomplished so much. I don't even know what my purpose is. I envy her. I wish I could have it all figured out too." I listened to her and heard so much of myself in her words... As much as I wanted to give her a word about how at 28, I don't always know exactly what I am doing either, I couldn't make it about me. I had to address the one thing that would forever hold her back whether she knows her purpose or not.. I said, "Don't ever compare yourself to anyone else again. Embrace the place that your are in right now. Embrace it each day, with each step you take. Your story is uniquely yours.. It's a book filled with blank pages. You can write on one page and paint on another, you can rip one out and throw it in the river and watch is flow down the stream.. My point is, you're the author of your story, not hers. You're in control of you. Focus your energy on curating your life. Besides, the same folks who are at 100 now might be at 10 next year. And the ones at 10 might find that they are at 1000 without even knowing how they got there. Focus on getting to 1000 but embrace stage 1. You can't skip your process by trying to catch up to someone else." She looked at me as we pulled up to my house and said, "You're right. I have said something similar to my friends before." I smiled. "I'm sure you knew this. But just like you pour into your sisters, I'm here to pour into you. We all need to be refilled at times."


  1. Thank you for this and God bless you!!! Girl you are doing so much for me during this season.. I really appreciate you.


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