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NP: Forever Mine - The O'Jays

Wrote a few pages in my journal after I sat down at this high top table. The Water Source is a new spot on Eutaw, close to Howard. I stumbled upon it on my way home from therapy. James Brown was blaring from the windows and I knew I had to at least take a peak at the menu. I tore right into my mac and cheese, salmon, and arugula salad! It spoke directly to my soul. 

It just has that 60s feel in here. It's my kinda place. Not to mention they have the front door wide open, letting the smell of the fresh rain permeate the place. The clouds are gone and the sun in dancing it's way through the door with no shame at all. 

Still reading Assata. I'm almost done with this life changing read. Culture - a poem that she ends chapter 10 with is so simple yet powerful. Thinking about having the kids analyze it tomorrow and add their own stanza to it ... 

The folks at the bar sound like this is their living room talking about everything from Baltimore snow balls vs. New York icees to the secret ingredients to making the best collard greens. It's so cozy in here. An older fella from New York keeps referring to his lady as, my wife.. He's so loud and proud. She blushes and sips her apple martini, singing along with the O'Jays. Makes me smile. I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for black love. Always, all ways. 


  1. I truly enjoy your writing. It speaks directly to me.The way you tell your stories, I'm more and more interested to hear what's next! I love reading about and being drawn into your experiences and journeys! It's great to hear what's new you've learned, and about your life, truly inspiring! God Bless.

  2. Thank you so much. You're beautiful.


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