Touch the Sky

touch the sky. if you want to do something and then you do it but then no one seems to pay attention or acknowledge what youre doing, keep doing it. do not look at the numbers or likes or views or sales or profits. do whatever you are doing from your heart. i can tell you this because according to my blog's stats, no one really reads my classroom chronicles, they get views but not as many as other content, yet my first real publication was based on a classroom chronicle. and never once did i write them for someone else to publish - i write for my future children to look back and have a true account of their mother's history.. but like i was saying, it only takes one person to notice what youre doing and give you a shot. dont quit based on the opinions of others - especially others who have never done what youre doing.. what do they know? and do not base your success on the success of others, thats just going to keep you down down down. peace.