Yellow Hibiscus

May 25th, 2015
NP: Roy Hargrove - Ruby My Deer

She had a raspy twang in her voice. Mellow soul. Lips peach and chinky eyes. She sat two tables away and rested her head on the metal table. Course blonde ends hung out of her McDonald's cap. I could tell that she had a long day at work. 

He walked outside holding a tray with a burrito bowl on it. Wearing a backwards cap, similar to hers, only his was from Chipotle. He worked here. 

She sat up and he sat down in front of her. 

How was your day babe? He asked her as he softly kissed her lips. 

She smiled. It's beautiful out here. I don't want to taint this energy with my day.... but this lady really got under my skin... She's lucky I need this job or else I would have straight up slapped her ass! Her accent made the way she said that sound particularly funny. It was more cute than scary the way her little freckled nose crinkled as she tried her best to stay mad. She couldn't have been from Baltimore talking like that. Maybe further south ...Virginia or Georgia. 

And they cut my hours!

Calm down baby. He shoved a spoonful of his rice and beans into his mouth only chewing once before it seemed to disappear. You're almost done with school. One more semester to go. We need to do something to relax tonight. I hate seeing you like this.

Her face showed signs of belief that everything was going to be okay. She shifted her head, resting it from one hand to the other. She stared off into the sun as the birds sang to each other. 

A warm gust of wind caused the trees to frolic in place. The yellow hibiscus bush began to jitter. lt was almost 90 degrees and they both were wearing their head to toe black uniforms. 

It's too hot and I'm so tired... He listened to her with his gray eyes. Raised his hand, with a complexion that matched her light brown skin, and caressed her sweating face. 

I couldn't hear what he said but it made her smile so big, so big that she made me smile too.