11:46 PM Under the Ceiling Fan

12:33 PM

Good thing I don't have any more students to teach today with the way I am dozing off in this classroom. Just packed away all of my books. It's so warm and muggy in here since the AC is broken. I had to sit down for a moment. Fell asleep in this heat and woke up to the sound of a dragonfly buzzing right above my shoulder. I watched her for a while, trying to figure out what message she was here to bring me. As soon as I figured it out, it seemed like she knew that the purpose for her visit was fulfilled because she flew right out of the window. What I realized right before she disappeared was that dragonflies symbolize new beginnings. Watching her wings flutter was just another one of the Universe's omens, assuring me that I am on the right path as I am continuing to move onward and upward. 

4:32 PM

Sitting in Sunny's on Hillen, waiting for my food, with Teekz. She and I don't always spend as much time as we would like to but I must say, she's always there exactly when I need her. I'm going to miss her. We drove under the new bridge that connects Morgan's campus to the Northwood shopping complex. I told Carissa about it and she said it makes her want to be a college gal again. Sitting in Sunny's makes me feel like I am back in college. I can remember my first days of pre-college ten summers ago, when I was initially introduced to the Bmore chicken box. After all of these years, I still get the same old 3 wings, western fries, and a half-n-half. Every Morgan student has had Sunny's as least once. I hear Morgan is buying this whole complex. I am hoping they don't mess with Sunny's.. That place will always be home. 

Just spoke to Nikki and she said she's happy for everything that I was telling her about my new job and such. "You know you are walking in your purpose when things fall right into place like that." 

11:35 PM

Ceiling fan blowing. Sirens singing outside of my window. First day of my favorite month and I couldn't have asked for a better day. The rain storm was a brilliant confirmation that this is going to be a great season filled with fresh ideas and opportunities. I finally sold my car tonight. Then, I took a hot bath and read a few chapters about the difference between loving someone and falling in love ..pretty interesting to say the least. 

By the way I finished Assata on Friday night. I would recommend it to anyone. I learned more about Black history from her book than I did from some of my college courses. 

The Blossom Father Daughter Ball was amazing on Saturday. I cried, of course, but not because I didn't have dad, because the girls were amazingly beautiful. From my first group of students all the way down to my last. Carissa shared her dad with me. That was one of the most effortlessly kind things she's ever done for me. 

Spoke to Aunt Lorraine for the first time in over 3 months yesterday. Pretty decent conversation. 

But the best part of my day was talking to my Godmama for an hour today. I told her about everything that's been happening and she was so proud and excited. I love her.

Bye bye Beamer ....