I am chosen by the Most High who dwells within me 

I am journeying on a narrow path of divine greatness

I am a master educator 

I am a published journalist 

I am well respected among my peers in the writing and education world 

I am the voice of Black teachers 

I am the voice of women across the world 

I am able to overcome a new battle against my mental illness everyday and I live to inspire other women to do the same

I am able to set boundaries for people because I know how much I can and cannot take 

I am the last fatherless child in my family 

I am the last husbandless woman in my family 

I am worthy of being loved 

I am capable of giving love 

I am a leader 

I am strong enough to stand even when I feel weak 

I am wise enough to listen

I am patient content and grateful but not complacent 

I am aware of the difference between knowing and believing 

I know who I am 

I know where I came from 

I know where I am going 

I know what I want 

I am creative and every idea I have will come to fruition in its due season 


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