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Drake and Meek and Black Lives Matter

“Black women are the most educated in the nation when it comes to college degrees.” He was right The rain poured down on the city as my mentor, Jose Vilson, and I we talked over our arroz con pollo and arroz con pescado in the Dominican-owned, Malecon Diner, on Broadway and 178 th . After wrapping up our meeting, in which we discussed all things education, we started talking about other “current issues”. “But we don’t see that in the media… We see Nicki Minaj.” “Nicki Minaj is a very intelligent person…” Jose was clearly a fan. “…and I’m always curious… I get the hustle – there are a lot of women that say, ‘I did this because I wanted to get money.’ I recognize that. And I think her sexuality shows how intelligent she is – she knows what she’s doing. Even through her lyrics, you can kind of tell that there’s something up there…”, he pointed to his temple. “… that’s working. “Having said that, I think there are so many phases between the way we are shown black women a

The Last 2 Books of Summer

These are the last two books that I will read before the leaves fall off of the trees and I meet my new students. This summer, I spent most of my days reading. I would read for at least 3 hours a day. Wondering how I had so much time to read? ...because I wasn't wasting time mucking around on faceb... Never mind. I'll just say that I think I was able to stay focused because I didn't have any distractions. No work, no post-graduate classes for once in my life, no TV, and no social networks.  I finished 6 books. None of them were related to my classroom or curriculum. Leasure. Just reading for the sake of reading. I should retract the first statement of this paragraph back though because everything I read and do is related to my practice as an educator in some way, even when I don't purposefully align things to be that way...  Here's a sneak of some of the new friends that Prime dropped off the other night: 

Dear Pretty Big Dancers

Dear Pretty Big Dance Crew, I never watch television. I don't even own one. But tonight, I was at my aunt’s house and she was watching “America’s Got Talent”. We were both excited when we saw your group and found ourselves rooting for you throughout the show. When it was announced that your group would not be moving to the next level of the competition, the disappointment that filled that room could have been felt by everyone in that old building in the Washington Height’s section of New York. I believed Mel B. when she said she would fight for you. I was in total agreement with her statement that we need you. But unfortunately, my sentiments from the other side of the television screen were not enough to save you. I was upset to see you go. I felt your pain when I saw you cry. But I want you to know, your pain was not the only thing that I felt. I felt your impact on the women across the world. I felt your confidence and determination to show other women, black, brown

Whitney's Song

straight from the bricks black queen beautiful gifted humble star black gold charismatic every woman mama sang real strong not stronger than your daddy had one of those die hard crazy wild fun free as two birds in the wild wild horses untamable destroy anything in the way kind of lovers love make everyone want turned on turned out face to glass ostrich wings face to glass mind of wings you were born midst of a mess but you were their best best best girl best friend girl baby brown brown eyed round plump fat cheeks gapped teeth daughter of pop granddaughter of sissy goddaughter of cece fame fortune mama sang if i lose my fame and fortune in the street its okay if you’re with me stage lights every night held in arms of mama mansions of mama mama knows you need her she needs you more after all my strength is gone mama sang in you i can be strong sometimes stre