Monday Blues

Didn't have a good day 
Monday blues 
Was going to go straight home and write and read under the fan
Got home
Changed my mind
Decided to run errands 
Dropped all of my school books and bags off 
Grabbed Frantz Fanon's - Black Skin White Masks to read on the train
Had a few chapters left
Annotated and marked up for lessons
Carried and sipped some mango juice 
Took a leather skirt and sequence shirt to the tailor
Dropped a big bag of shoes and a big bag of clothes off at the goodwill 
Decided to take the 1 to 50th and get my favorite candles from Anthropologie because I had a return anyways
Went down the stairs of the train right before I realized I didn't have my book 
Went right back to the goodwill 
Taken by the young boy was the bin with the clothes that I donated
Sent up for sorting 
Wished good luck from the security man but I didn't need it I knew it had to be in that bin
Went up the elevator and into the sorting house 
Waited forever for the old freight to take me to complete my search
Showed me the last two bins he dropped off and not even my bags that I dropped off were in sight 
Felt crazy like what the heck?! 
Went back downstairs checked again
Said that couldn't be the bin because he knows the boy took the bin I put my things in upstairs
Went back up 
Went with security man this time 
Showed two different bins by the boy this time 
Had my bags of things 
Emptied both bags  
No book. 
Went back to the tailor 
Had to be there? 
Was about to put the lock on the gate
Crawled under to look in
Turned on the lights 
Looked on the counter 
Cleaned and clear
No book. 
Stood on the corner of 181st and Ft. Wash
Wondered what should I do
Back to goodwill and look again
Had already looked twice 
Dropped it, maybe. 
Stolen by the white girl in the tailor who eyed the cover
Saw me leave it
Picked it up after I walked out, maybe. 
Needed a book bag 
From now on I need to carry a book bag
Ordered a new one 
Had Prime for a few months now
It'll be here tomorrow.