The Last 2 Books of Summer

These are the last two books that I will read before the leaves fall off of the trees and I meet my new students. This summer, I spent most of my days reading. I would read for at least 3 hours a day. Wondering how I had so much time to read? ...because I wasn't wasting time mucking around on faceb... Never mind. I'll just say that I think I was able to stay focused because I didn't have any distractions. No work, no post-graduate classes for once in my life, no TV, and no social networks. 

I finished 6 books. None of them were related to my classroom or curriculum. Leasure. Just reading for the sake of reading. I should retract the first statement of this paragraph back though because everything I read and do is related to my practice as an educator in some way, even when I don't purposefully align things to be that way... 

Here's a sneak of some of the new friends that Prime dropped off the other night: