Such A Woman

Aunt Lorraine said, "We always knew you won't gon' work hard. We knew you would have a job like a school teacher." 
"But teaching is hard work..." Was my rebuttal, said in a more asking than defensive manner. 
"Yea.. But I mean hard work like cleaning house or some things like that." 
"Well, of course not. My granny didn't leave the south and drop out of middle school to work on a sleep-in job just for me to be doing the same type of house work. Y'all did that so I wouldn't have to."
"I know that's right!"
"I don't think you or my granny realize how much of what I do is simply because I honor you. My work is your legacy." 
Aunt Lorraine said she was proud of me. "You're really a woman now, Val... Really, such a woman."