Ain't No Chivalry on the A


Meekz once told me that she pulls herself out of a funk by "dressing to the 9s". I get that now. I feel fly as hell today in my heels, stone washed Levi's, sequence jacket, under my leather. My Marley twists give me a new life. I bought a bunch of wool socks from h&m this weekend so I could wear my pumps and clogs without my feet freezing. 

When I was walking to the train, I felt this strong sense of confidence. 

I gave up my seat to an elderly woman. There's like 7 men around us. ALL starring at my fly ass but not one got up for her or for me after I got up. Chivalry is alive, just not here. 

8:33 AM

My writing was interrupted by a woman and her son. They wanted to hang on to the pole that I was on. What bothered me was that the woman was carrying a baby and still not one got up for her. What are we worth? Sheesh.