What's the Purpose of Suspending Them?

10:32 AM

NP: Nas - If I Ruled the World 

Spent my morning grading my students' writing notebooks over a latte and pumpkin bread. Walking back to the building from Starbucks, little 5th grade shorty coming straight toward me. 

"Hi Ms. Clay." He smiles with his head down. 

"Pick your head up. You got sent home?" 

"I got half day suspension." He put his head back down. 

"Pick your head back up. Why?"

"Because you know that Jamaican word 'bum-a-clot'?"


"My teacher thought I said that to her and she sent me out. Deans sent me home for the rest of the day. I gotta write a letter and bring it back at 8:30 in the morning." 

"So what are you going to do when you get home?" 

"Play basketball, 2K, eat, and take a nap. I'm tired. Need a nap." 

"You not gon' read?" 

"Yea... I guess I ca' read." He laughed a little bit but after seeing no change in my demeanor, he got serious again. "Matta' fact, I got a Martin Luther King book in my bag right now. I gotchu Ms. Clay!"