Reading: Dominican Heritage

Reading: Dominican Heritage

Dominican Heritage is beautiful,
She's wild
She likes
Tostadas and patelitos
And pastelones
And dulce de leche
She dives into rivers,
She cooks on the shore,
She guzzles frambuesa country club
And she drowns in paletas de biscocho;
She runs barefoot,
She drinks coco,
She grows mango,
Picks it off the tree,
She dances around
And she stays up too late
While she sings the music of her people,
Sings bachata and reggaeton,
Hears the pounding of several feet in rhythm,
Smells the fresh, tropical air,
She rides the back of a pick-up truck,
Goes across the swaying bamboo bridge,
Plays hide and seek under the starry night sky,
Climbs cherry trees in her neighbors yard;
She soaks in the sunshine;
She gulps in morirso├▒ando;
She tastes the spices
On the end of her tongue,
And she falls asleep
In the sun. 

Melyanet, age 13


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