I am grateful for completing 100 days of writing gratitude list with my best friends.

I am grateful for this journey toward EMOTIONAL STABILITY.

I am grateful for therapy last night. I felt my happiness and how much I have overcome since the last time I spoke to her. November was a month of hard growth but beautiful acceptance.

I am grateful for having a therapist that is always unbiased, even when it hurts 
I am grateful that the hurt always pushes me to evaluate myself and become a better woman

I am grateful for learning that I do not have to be controlled by my feelings and I do not have to act on my emotions. I can acknowledge them and let them go. 

I am grateful for ALL of the life lessons in womanhood that I have learned through my friends, mentors, and life itself. My mother didn't teach me the things she should have but Source never left me in the dark, ignorant, and naive, without sending me amazing teachers.

I am grateful for not needing validation from anyone about anything. I am grateful that even when I feel that feeling of needing to be better than others or feeling rushed to do things just to keep up with others, I mindfully make myself aware of those feelings and then I remind myself that I am enough and don't need to be or do anything more to be enough. 

I am grateful for learning about mindfulness and awareness and the ability to sift through my feelings and choose which ones I want to go with. 

I am grateful for meditating this morning and hearing the word greed and jumping right of bed - realizing I was being greedy by sleeping too late; being late will forever be my downfall if I don't get my sh't together. 

I am grateful for silently meditating over the last week and seeing a difference in how I feel inside and out. 

I am grateful for having so many different coping tools - from therapy, to gratitude lists, to meditating, to writing, to just calling and venting to a friend. All of which are indicators that I am not alone, not alone, not alone, never ever alone. 

I am grateful for my students who have become independent workers and thinkers and are grappling and truly engaged in their learning without doubting their own abilities 

I am grateful for the spirit of discernment that doesn't allow me to go too far when I'm losing myself 

I am grateful for learning to do things organically 

I am grateful for following my spirit and not booking any trips with my girls, who knew my grandmother would need me to be there for her during this time? Would've been a big waste of money and I can't afford that right now. Always letting my spirit guide my decisions... never fails me.

I am grateful for finishing my journal, the closing of this season and chapter 
I am grateful for feeling emotionally and spiritually disconnected from my old love and loving it 
I am grateful for how doing these daily gratitude list helped me through the grieving and growing process 

I am grateful for being able to see growth in myself and being really proud of my small steps 

I am grateful my favor, my faith, my wisdom, my knowledge, and my self-reflecting 
I am grateful that even with all of that, I still know nothing 

I am grateful for learning to be comfortable with change and loving the ability to have new beginnings every day

I am grateful for the symbolism is seasons and nature and how much I learn about myself through just listening to the wind or looking at the moon or singing with the birds 

I am grateful for my life, my life is beautiful and I am grateful for finally feeling that way

I am grateful for my lows 
I am grateful for lessons that came with the lows
I am grateful for my courage to publicly write about my lows, helping others to get through theirs as I get through mine. We are not alone. 

I am grateful for the courage to speak out on things when no one else does 
I am grateful for my leadership and grateful for having great role models 

I am grateful for my writing skills getting better and my transparency being something that I am more comfortable with and learning to control

I am grateful for my honesty and my fight to be good always good everyday good 
I am so happy
I am so filled with joy 

I am not conflicted by past decisions I am in acceptance and feeling sure in all of my choices and I know my life's promise is so real and I know that Source dwells within me and is giving me life because I deserve all that I have and all that is coming to me are manifestations of my thoughts and desires

I am grateful for bringing out the best in others, even when they don't acknowledge it. I am grateful for not needing validation from those that I have given my all to because I didn't do it for them, I did it because that's what I was created to do. 

I am grateful for knowing my heart intimately enough to know that I am Light. 


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