3 Plus 1 Ways to Finish a Book: For People with Low Attention Spans

Ever since I started posting my reads, I am finding more and more people asking me: How do you find time to read so much?

Here are the answers:

1. Carve out time in your schedule every day

-15 minutes in the morning before you get out of bed 
-15 minutes during your lunch break at work
-30 minutes before bed
-an hour and a half on Saturday and Sunday mornings 

My personal favorite is 2 hours on Friday nights... (Dear Future-Lover, take note. That's what we'll be doing on Friday nights LOL) 

2. Set a timer and do not stop reading until your timer goes off

You ever start reading and then find yourself on the gram before you even finished 2 pages? I have! But now that I use a timer, when I get distracted and pick up my phone, the timer is right there - reminding me to keep reading. 

3. Set a goal for the number of pages you want to finish 

I usually do 30 pages in 45 mins depending on the level of text. Studies show that number to be average for adults. But don't get crazy with overzealous goals that end up discouraging you in the long run. Start with a 10 page minimum and 20 pages as a maximum until you are comfortable. Find your own flow and reading rhythm. 

Plus 1
*not mandatory but I'm adding it because it works for me!

Get out of the house! Find new, comfortable places to read in. Some of my favorite places are:

-Swanky coffee shops with couches I can get cozy on

-Benches in parks and public transportation stops. Sometimes I walk to the bus stop just to read. Or I get off the train at my stop but instead of going home, I stay underground, sit on the bench, and read. 

-Take long train rides to no where just to read. There's something about the motion of the train that relaxes me enough to get caught all the way into the text. I don't even need my timer when I'm reading on the train.
-When weather permits, I lay my blanket down and read under the trees. But I usually fall asleep too with my book as my pillow. It's an amazing place to dream. Try it!

I am not a fast reader. And I have self-diagnosed myself with adhd. I used to find it hard to sit still and read until I started implement these tools - some of which I even use with my students in my classroom to help build their reading stamina. There's no greater accomplishment (for a person like me who never used to read as a kid) than finishing a book. 

Hope these tips help you too!