7:26 PM in My Classroom Window

Interesting things that happened today:

1. My principal randomly asked me to start leading PDs of my choice ... Withno explanation as to why... It was weird. It was as if he's been reading my rants. 

2. A young white teacher (who is very strong with management and has a great fashion sense...not sure how much that matters) asked me for guidance on leaving our school to teach at another or staying at our school and stepping into a leadership position and my advice was to spread her wings and garner more tools elsewhere before stepping into a leadership position (only been teaching 5 years). I think it's funny that I told her to stay in the classroom when I am struggling to stay in... Maybe I was speaking to myself as well. 

3. One of my girls called another girl a hoe in front of the boys and I found myself telling her about the time I called a girl a hoe and was then called a hoe by the same guys that I called the other girl a hoe with. I gave her "The Coldest Winter Ever" in hopes that she will see how quickly karma can come back around. And to see that no matter what a girl does, as a young woman, we should never bring one another down! Especially not to be cool for the boys. 

4. I had 2 observations today after not having any all year.......... It was the kick off workshop for my new unit. Captivated the kids by using the quote where Malcolm X said he wanted to go to war to kill every cracker he sees... And Ali refusing to go as well. The Socratic seminar was deep. Maybe this is where the random PD request came from??? 

5. I'm still at school at 7:17PM.. Sitting in my big chair, listening to the African drums on the 3rd floor and the sirens from cop cars in front on the projects ... Finished planning and grading but still just looking at this classroom trying to find my way at the crossroads of should and must. 

6 more months left in my twenties. 
Will it also be 6 more months left of my last year in the classroom???

Oh...... And somewhere in our conversation, the fly young white teacher acknowledged her white privilege and I acknowledged being the token Black and we decided to plan some dope "race in the classroom sessions" ... Isn't that exciting? 


  1. Love this. I teach in a low income area and I am currently dealing with the battle of staying in the classroom. I love reading your post stay beautiful queen.


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