Dear Valencia, 

I can see you. 
And I love getting to know you. 
Thank you for the one on one time. 
Thank you for turning your phone off for a day and just listening to me. 
Thank you for making space for me and not complaining about my ways. 
Thank you for teaching me that it's okay to be/love me. Thank you for making me comfortable around you. 
Thank you for your patience. 
Thank you for investing in me with all of the books and documentaries and travels and museums and talks with elders. Thank you for teaching me new things. 
Thank you for holding my hand. 
Thank you for loving me unconditionally. 
Thank you for being intentional with your love for me. 
Thank you for recognizing the times when that love is not as intentional as I desire but not beating me up. 
I am glad you stopped beating me up. 
I am grateful that you learned to meditate. 
I am grateful that you don't lean on others or substances for healing. 
I love your strength but I also love your areas that are in need of growth. 
I love how you nourish your seeds. 
I love how you make me feel inside when you do what you love.
I love when you smile at me in the mirror.
I hear you when you tell me that you are proud of me. 
I hear you when you tell me I am beautiful. 
I love your Light. 
I see you. 
Valencia, I see you.