Dear Future Daughter: Thoughts on the Queens' Round Table

Dear Future Daughter, 

Today was a dream come true. 75 women came together to celebrate and uplift one another at the Queens' Round Table - which intentionally took place on King's Day. I don't even know who captured the Sun shinning like that, but right under it is me looking in the window at the Harlem Blossom girls, waiting inside of the library to greet the Baltimore Blossom girls - who woke up and took the bus at 4AM to come here to NYC today. It was my greatest joy to connect these groups of girls together and to expose them to so many powerful Black women. I cried as childhood friends entered, your aunties were there too, and even women from Instagram whom I never met - not only came but embraced me with the warmest hugs as if we'd known each other for years. (I've written to you about how I much I hate social networks before, but I was wrong. They are proving to be effective in connecting me with the most beautiful, beautiful souls.) I want you to know, I did not do this work alone. There were so many hands on deck. I am beyond grateful to be part of such a strongly rooted team of cultural workers. And your 10 newest aunties, the panelists, made all 3 workshops touch everyone to the core. They were only supposed to be an hour long but they all went 30 mins over. No one complained. They were so spiritually filling, we didn't even want to leave. Years from now, when you read this letter, know that I thought of you often today. I have so much hope, knowing that you will be born into a society in which the Black woman is praised, not just for her body but for her brilliance. Your generation will benefit from today's work in ways that I cannot even fathom. It's only the beginning for your mama. I really see, especially after today, that anything we want to make happen will always manifest. The power lies in your words. You have the #blackgirlmagic to speak your dreams into existence. Tonight, after I meditate, I am going to pray that you will be next, not only to carry the torch, but to follow our lead in lighting it for others. 
Love you, 


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