My Sentiments Toward Teachers that Don't Return After the Break

Okay so the truth is, I'm not really in love with my current school. I don't agree with a lot of things that are mandated. I won't enumerate the problems because I work at a charter and I am not tenured, but trust me, it's not as glamorous as you may think. But I love my students with a passion. And any time anybody is having an issue with someone or something in my school I tell them the same thing I tell myself, "You are not here for politics. You are not here to play games. I don't work for not one of these adults, I work for the children. All you have to do is teach the children." They, and only they, are the reason I show up every single day.

So many teachers I know won't be returning to their schools tomorrow. For once, I'm not even going to make this about race or class. The facts around the many reasons why we are losing our young teachers go far beyond Black and white. These reasons range from the lack of curricular autonomy, friction between administrators, and feeling inadequately prepared to manage a classroom. 

Even for veteran teachers like myself, who love, live, and breathe the craft - it's getting harder and harder to stay. So, if you're an educator and you're going back tomorrow, I salute you. 
Continue to be the Light in the lives of your students. 

If you're not going back, do not beat yourself up or carry a sense of guilt for leaving your students behind. Your journey is yours alone. Hafez wrote, "Run my dear, from anything that may not strengthen your precious budding wings." It takes courage to walk away and acknowledge the fact that no one can learn from you if you are mentally existing in a space that won't allow you to give your all. You're not giving up, you're doing what's best for your sanity and for the children as well. You deserve to be in a place that encourages your growth. I, personally, wish you would've had what you needed in order to continue serving the youth but I know that everything happens the way it's supposed to happen. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. I hope you find yourself at peace and know that this isn't your last stop. Take some time alone to reflect, meditate, and listen to your inner spirit - it has never failed you. Trust your decision, trust yourself.

Love always,