I Gave My Number to a White Man

Thursday, Jan. 21st, 2016
9:09 PM
NP: Plastic - Moses Sumney

People always ask me, Have you ever dated a white guy? or Would you consider dating a white man? 

I think its a stupid question. 

Im pro-Black but Im not against bi-racial anything. Just because I believe in Black love doesnt mean I dont think white and Black people can be together. I fight in my classroom and with my words bearing the message that we educate our selves, not isolate ourselves. 

About an hour ago, after spending the evening reading in Starbucks, the man sitting next to me asked for my number. This was, of course, not until after a short conversation we shared about education and books. I gave it to him.  He asked if we could get together for coffee sometime. (I don't publish dating-life posts on my website anymore but I felt compelled to publically note this encounter.) Cool beans. I dont quite plan on dating him - not because he was white but because I don't have the time to invest in another person right now; he also seemed young. But I love a good conversation over a tall blonde roast and pumpkin bread. 

I just want to get in his head. Pick his brain. I'm interested in knowing: What brings you to 145th? Do you know that white people never even used to walk the streets in this area? Who gave you the idea to move to Harlem? Why not the upper west side? Are you giving back to the people of this community while living here? How do white people really view gentrification? 

Okay, let me not generalize the man with that last one... but I just gotta know.

To be continued.....


  1. Interesting...I think this situation can turn into a series writing on your end :)

  2. I'm so interested to find out what happens. I believe your "blogs" can turn into an actual TV series.

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