really? i thought, as Black women, we were far beyond the good hair/bad hair conversations

Friday, January 8th, 2016
6:36 AM
NP: Xplosive - The Chronic

One of the most ignorant things someone has said to me in a long time was said last night... Why do you wear Marley twists and box braids? You got good hair!! I didn't even respond. I really thought as Black women we were far beyond the good hair/bad hair conversations. Thought we all knew: the only good hair is HEALTHY HAIR. 

My kids are working on essays and abstract art pieces that depict the ways in which we are still affected by Willie Lynch syndrome. The statement that young lady said to me is ignorant enough to stand alone as a captivating hook for my model essay.... but i have to get to work this morning... 

to be continued...