Black Fist

Ran a workshop for teachers today and threw up my fist after, and one of the teachers said, "You're like Beyoncé." That made me question whether I should post this picture on social networks because it might look like I am a poser or being trendy (and I'm a Gemini, we always double think everything we do) but the reality is, I threw my fist up simply because I can. 

Because I, a young woman of color, facilitated a workshop in a small room of about 30 teachers (majority of them were white) and I honestly, feel like far too many outsiders think they are experts on our children and what works best. It is time we, teachers of color, start leading more and more and more! because we know what our kids need! And that's why I threw up my Black power fist. And I was throwing my fist before Bey, and will keep throwing it up long after.  


  1. I would love to see this presentation. I also teach and my staff needs a kick in the pants!


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