What I Pray: Every Morning. Every Night.


Good morning Spirit, 

Thank you for another day to get closer to you, to do the work my flesh was created to do, to let your glory shine as I reflect your Light. Please allow me to walk in truth, to speak in kindness, to smile through it all, and to think positively, without even trying. Let all things that I desire manifest today. 

Let me be love, unconditional, like your love,



Dear God, 

Thank you for loving me. Thank you for keeping me. Thank you for your grace and your unwavering mercy. Thank you for speaking through me today. Please keep me tonight. Let me rest well. Let me dream and see visions of you. Let me have a sound mind, always. Please, don't take your peace from me. Let my waking thoughts be of how good you are, how much you love me, how you will never leave me in the darkness. 

Allow me to reflect your Light, always,