Nola No. 7

New Oleans, LA

"What do you write?" The sun crept under the stone colored canvas umbrella and bounced off of her hazels with every blink.

"About being a teacher, a Black woman, the current state of our culture, my bouts with depression...." 

"So while you're in New Orleans, are you going to write about how depressing it is that pre-Katrina it was a brown city and now all you see are white people?" 

I looked around Bayou Road and Dorgenois Street and like doves scattering, all I really did see were white people moving about. We were actually sitting with one. She didn't look up from her computer so I wondered how she felt about Alexi's words. 

"How long have you been teaching?" I asked her, always curious. 

"2 years..." She began to tell me about her certification process, which wasn't Teach for America but much like the program. My next question was going to be, "How long do you plan on staying in the classroom?" But I left her alone. If it were me at table with 3 white women, I wouldn't have been comfortable with the interrogation. I'm trying to treat others how I want to be treated.