I was going to take a nap but no. Not running. The feelings came. And now theyre gone. 

Accepting the fact that I will always love you. And there's nothing wrong with that. 

I will always carry a piece of you within my spirit and it is that piece that you left that will always remind me of the greatest love, even greater than my own parents, even greater than my own love for myself, at the time that you loved me. So unconditionally. You were mine. My everything. And you couldn't stay. But that little piece, it will never leave. 

How dare I not be grateful? It's a slap in the face the Creator who planned this all to be this way, who knows the greater good for us both. How dare I not be appreciative of what happened, how it went down, and where it all brought me to?

So no, I didn't take a nap. I felt this sh't. And now I feel better.