1:53 AM on the A

I fell asleep and she was the only one left on the train when I opened my eyes. Reading some sort of photocopied article. Probably for a class. She looked up for a while and I wondered what she was in such deep thought about. Was it the reading or was she distracted? It's funny how people can be so far away from one another but live closely within each other's conscious. 

We made love to the song that just came on my playlist. I don't have to close my eyes to see you coming up from the covers. The lights from the bridge reflecting in your eyes. Purple flecks behind your lashes. My chest rose and fell with the direction of the whispers. She told me to breathe... and focus on you and... feel every nuanced cadence of your moves. She, being my soul, must have known it would be our last time. 

You kissed me, softly pressing against the little creases in my bottom lip and I remember how closely aligned the rhythm of our hearts was. I missed you. 

Train just stopped at 175th.
The song went off. 
I replayed it.