3 Steps to Being Intentional about Your Relationships

Being an introvert, with a free spirit, and mood swings that depict most of my desired actions (e.g.: not wanting to go anywhere with anyone) has made my ability to be a good sister, friend, and daughter more challenging than ever. Honestly, I really suck at checking in on people and spending time with them. But I'm going to get better. Gotta love them while I still have the chance to. 

Today, I took 3 steps to ensure I do such:

1. List and Sort

I spent a little time sorting the people (the names are under the stickies) I extend myself to.

-Family I that I can Always Depend on for Love 

- Friends that I Consider Family 

- Friends that I Hang with and/or Just Love ...and can depend on...

These 3 lists made the most sense to me. Sure, I know a lot of people but do I depend on all of those people? Have those people been there for me when I needed them? Who deserves more of my love and attention? Who doesn't really need more than an Instagram comment here and there? These were really the questions I asked myself as I made my lists. 

2. Goal Setting 

Then, I made some very simple, attainable goals. These goals are things that most of the people on my list do naturally with me but again, I suck at this type of stuff - so I have to practice it until I get better. Nothing wrong with that. 

3. Action Plan

What the stickies don't show is my plan of action. How will I make sure I reach my goals? Here's the plan:

A. I've added "check-in" text/phone call times to my calendar. I've literally given myself an hour twice a week to do nothing but sit and text or call the people I love. 

B. Im going to set one day a week for face-time. Not apple face-time, I mean, a dinner date or just going over someone's house to talk and laugh. Would you believe me when I tell you, I can't even remember the last time I've visited a friend just to see how they're doing?

C. Since writing love notes is something that I love to do. I'm going to mail a few to my favorite people once a week. Only 2 notes a week but this should be fun and cute and most of all, let the people I love know that I love them. 

As we get older, the smaller our circles become, and the less time we have for bull____. This is all the more of a reason why we have to show love and appreciation to the people that are closest to us. They deserve it. 


  1. LOVE YOUR PAGE. colors, fonts wording.
    I like your vulnerability and acknowledgments of yourself and your solutions and plans and tips and suggestions.....


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