I Taught Myself How to Meditate

I taught myself how to meditate. Started a few months back. I didn't have money to spare on joining an expensive holistic club. I don't have the type of schedule that allows me to commit to becoming a yogi (plus I suck at yoga). 

This app changed my life. 

Just finished my 21st morning of meditating! Doing it intentionally, every single day, is when I began to feel a shift within. 

Taking the extra 10 minutes to start my day has proved to be the most effective decision for my mental health. It's helped me to find a balance and stay grounded. 

I also use it in my classroom with the kids to help them stay focused (try doing it before starting an assignment that requires independence), when Im on my way to work - there's a commuter session, and I do it before I go to bed if I'm feeling too anxious.

If you take nothing else from me, please take this app (it's called Calm) and learn how to center yourself. Form new habits. Be well.