My Tweets Help Me Track My Ability to Stay Mentally Balanced

Today makes 1 whole week since overcoming my last bout with the dark whispers. 
That's 7 days of freedom and internal joy.
If you just learned what's it like to be at peace, 
how to accept and let things be,
and not crave and feign for the comforting pain to come back and burn you because feeling good is so foreign that it don't feel right, 
you would celebrate 7 days of pure good vibes too.
My last high lasted for almost 2 weeks but last Saturday I read a poem that messed me up.
But next morning, I woke up and felt good and been good everyday, ever since.
Yes, I keep count of my good days
And my bad.
It helps me to find my own balance.
1 low day out of 21 ain't bad at all.

Being totally vulnerable on Twitter lets me see my battle with depression in a different way than journaling, because I rarely go back and read my journal entries. When I go over my timeline after a night of depressing tweets and I see how I sound and feel, I immediately delete the tweets and then, I push myself to implement my personal strategies for defeating depression: 

Drink fresh cucumber-lime water out of a mason jar
Look at old pictures from times when I was experiencing a high
Get some fresh flowers 
Go for a walk with no technology 
Listen to Abraham Hicks via YouTube
Read the Word
Call a friend for a laugh 

This is my quick and easy go-to list. I had to make it a while back, in order to avoid doing what I used to do during the darkness: isolate myself, sleep, and cry day in and day out.

After I do whatever I want on the list, I do the hard work of facing the darkness and figuring out what caused it/what am I running from because the faster I face it, the quicker I will get back to joy. 


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