Stoop Stories

Stoop Stories: In Baltimore, I had a park with lots of grass to take my kids to when the weather was popping. When I started teaching in Harlem, I was sad because I thought there was no place for us to lay out and read/write under the sun, but the stairs in the back of our building worked out just fine. 

Today was day 3 of us doing this (day 1 was rough, they had to get used to it and day 2 I had to reset the expectation to work! while we are outside). 

First, we read, independently for 30 minutes. No one wanted to stop reading. Then, we wrote for 30 minutes, no one wanted to stop writing either. But then, everyone was eager to share their pieces! 

The light wind was lovely and the sun was beaming. Who says New Yorkers don't know how to relax and take time to enjoy the little things? 

I renamed this period "stoop stories" ❤️ if you're ever in NYC and want to join us, just let me know. We love having guests!! 


  1. Love this and how you change up things for the students. Really hoping I can take my passion to New York schools. Thanks for sharing!



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