Spring Break No. 2


I am in an in-between phase. 
Not sure who I am 
or what I am doing. 
What to do next. 
What to work on. 
What to show. 
Who to give my energy to. 
Who to ignore. 
Who to love. 
Who to run from. 
Who is truly in support of me, me being my peace. Achieving peace of mind is the ultimate success. 
Who is waiting for me. 
Who is watching me. 
Who is learning from me. 
Who is taking from me. 
Who is using me. 
Who is fake. 

Why am I paranoid? Am I paranoid? Or am I prophetic? 

My moods are not lying to me. They are revealing the truth to me. I know who I am. Overall. But right now I am confused because I need to figure out what I want. I want peace but what else. 

Candles burn on my dresser. Trucks drive by my window. Fog smells like the spring in niagra but it's not as potent as it was last night when I woke up and realized I left the lights on. Sometimes I sleep with with lights on. Right now my body lays alone. And there is someone I can call but I am content because while I am in this state of mind it's best that I remain in solitude. 

Sometimes I think too much about the popularity builders and I pray, when I find myself focused on such, to realign with the important. The thing I am here for is not for me to be here but to be a model for what it looks like when one follows their inner guidance. 

I am always sober. So that I can hear more clearly. The birds are not talking to each other they are talking to me. I know they want me to fly with them. But I must read. 

Everything can wait.