I have 10 days off from school and I'm not going anywhere. Can't take any trips until I save enough money to buy my own home. This is why I haven't gone away with my friends this year (some of you may have noticed). Saving doesn't always mean you have to sacrifice but right now, it does. And I'm okay with it. Because having a home to call my own, for the first time in my life, is the most important thing to me. So I will enjoy my spring break right here in my birthplace. There's enough to do in NYC to keep me entertained. But honestly, I just want to read under the trees all day and catch up on my writing all night. Hang out with my friends and make up new inside jokes. Meditate and lay in the grass with the old people in the park. Take long walks with my granny and auntie. Post pictures of things that make me smile without thinking too much. Take long baths with the candles I like from anthropologie. Go thrifting but not buy anything but books. No new clothes. I want to ride the A train all the way to BK and back, just so I can read with my jazz in my headphones. I want to sit at W4 train station and listen to the music of the street artists. I want to meet Meeks for lunch and get my hair done by Shellz. I want to get styled by Sallay in her boutique. Clean out my storage and give away the clothes I don't wear. Ride my bike with Josh. Eat ice cream under the GWB. And anything else I feel like doing. Anything that feels good.


  1. Enjoy your spring break! May you have lots of laughter, make lots of good memories, and eat really good food!!

  2. I love your website and your posts! You are an inspiring educator and I plan to pursue education as a profession and am very happy to have you as a Black woman to look up to. Thank you for sharing your writing with the world.


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